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Cable types by ITC-BT

ITC-BT Type of installation
06 Distribution networks Overhead lines
07 Underground lines
11 Service entrance Overhead lines
In the ground
14 Link installations (REBT ITC-BT 12) General(collective) LV supply (REBT ITC-BT 14)
15 Individual LV supply (REBT ITC-BT 15)
16 Electric meter
09 Exterior lighting Service entrance
Power network Sections
In conduit or in cable ducting in the ground
Control and auxiliar circuits
Internal wiring in streetlight (lamppost)
Suspended luminaires
Ground network Ground network
Connection between lamp post and grounding electrode
20 General LV installation and final circuits In cable duct
Surface-mounted over walls
Direct in masonry
Overhead lines
Building voids Conduit or cable trunking
Directly installed
Cable trunking Protection degree > IP4X
Protection degree < IP4X
Buried in the ground
On trays, brackets, ladders...
In mouldings
26 Dwelling and residential installations Embedded in conduits or cable ducts
In conduit or cable trunking (surface-mounted)
27 Bathtub and Shower Areas Connection of bathtubs and hydromassage cabins
28 Public concurrence places General installation In conduit, cable duct or cable trunking
Building voids
Perforated cable trays or ladders
Directly installed
Internal wiring in electrical panel boards
Safety installations/equipments in case of fire
29 Locations with risk of fire or explosion Fixed installation, in metallic conduit or cable duct (rigid or flexible)
Fixed installation, directly installed
30 Installations with special characteristics Damp locations In conduit or cable duct (surface-mounted or embedded)
Insulated cable trunkings
without protecction conduit or tube
Cable trunking or closed cable trays
Wet locations In conduit or cable duct (surface-mounted or embedded)
Insulated cable trunkings
Cable trunking or closed cable trays
Installations and premises at low temperatures
High temperature locations/installations
31 Swimming-pools or fountains Swimming-pools (Volume zone 0,1,2) and fountains (Volume zone 0,1)
33 Temporary works and installations Mobile service, indoor use
34 Fair and exhibitions Mobile service, indoor use
41 Caravans and caravan parks Caravan and mobile home internal wiring
42 Ports and marinas for pleasure boats Cable ducts without water contact
44 Light receptacles Internal wiring
49 Internal wiring in furnitures Internal wiring of the furniture and appliance connection
  Photovoltaic (PV) installations Direct current (D.C.) part Interconnection between PV panels (panel wire) or between PV panels and the (DC/AC) inverter.
From connection box to inverter (DC/AC)
Alternating current (A.C.) part
  RD 2267:2004 RSCIEI Industries General installation
In a ceiling void or a suspended floor
Safety installations/equipments in case of fire

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